Meet our Designers: Sophie Patel of “Ginen Creations by Sophie”

We all know how important it is to be well dressed.  When it comes to pageant, things are no different.   How you dress can make a great impression not only on the organization itself but also on other contestants and the public in general.

Carolyn Desert – Photo: Aman Lexido

Carolyn Desert – Photo: Aman Lexido

In that regard, there is no doubt that many of our Haitian queens have made lasting impressions.  Some of the designers who have dressed them have their name link to their success.  One of them is Sophie Patel. 

Sophie Patel  is a Haitian fashion and jewelry designer raised in Haiti and New York (USA).  Despite the fact that fashion is her passion, Patel went on exploring other fields for a period of time before deciding giving up to her true call.

“Since little I’ve always made my dolls clothes and mines growing up. But it was not until about three years and a half ago I decided to turn my passion for fashion into an actual business. After going to school and getting a couple of degrees in areas that had nothing to do with fashion I decided to finally study fashion design.”

Sophie Patel is the fashion Designer and Creative Director of Ginen Creations by Sophie, a label which focuses on “empowering women to discover the Queendom and bring out the Queen in them through fashion with color.”

Ginen Creations is all about African and Haitian culture. The prints and the colors, especially African prints, are shown insightfully:  “I am very proud of my Haitian culture, says Patel, which of course comes from Africa. I fell in love with the history itself and I’m now somehow obsessed with it. I make clothes that are light enough for the climate of the Caribbean but yet using African prints”.

When you look at Ginen Creations’ collections, you will notice a constant detail: a wide variety of head wrapping.  “Head wrapping to me is a way of embracing my African roots, explains Patel. After doing a lot of research and finding why black women started wearing head wraps, I fell in love more with the idea of making them a big part of my brand.”

It was in 2014 that most of us first discovered Patel’s work.  Carolyn Desert was preparing to participate in Reina Hispanoamericana in Bolivia and her photoshoot was stunning!  Desert was Ginen Creations’ first Miss Haiti.  “I was very happy to work with Carolyn since I was rooting for her to win throughout the whole competition.”

Later on, in 2015, under the supervision of Jocelyn Firm, their national director, Patel worked for two other Miss Haiti:  Macdieunette Brutus, Face of Beauty Haiti 2015 who she dressed for an event in New York and Viergeline Jean, Miss Charity Queen Haiti 2015.

It was not the first time that Viergeline Jean and Sophie Patel were meeting.  In 2013, Jean was one of the Models who introduced Ginen Creations.

But in 2015, things were different.  It was about dressing up a beauty queen to represent a nation in an International pageant: “When it comes to dressing the Miss Haiti’s, explains Patel, one of the biggest challenges is the fact that they are representing the country as a whole and are being judged on a bigger scale. Meaning everything has to be on point.  Besides the shoot that I had with Carolyn Desert where I was present, I was not present for the other two ladies. I remember having to be on a video call with Jocelyn Firmin helping her with dressing Viergeline all the way in Taiwan because of course as a Designer you want your designs to be worn properly which she understood.”

All that hard work paid off. On November 28th, the night of the finals,  Viergeline Jean was placed Top 3 Best National Costume:  “I was in awe moment when it happened as I watched live online. I couldn’t believe it! It was my design up there and it got top 3! Of course Viergeline carried it so well and represented Haiti with such grace. I wasn’t surprise at all when she came Top 3 in the overall competition.”

Viergeline Jean is a Haitian Top Model and beauty pageant contestant who competed in Taiwan in November 2015 as Miss Charity Queen Haiti of One Power International 2015. She was placed Top 3 Best Body, Top 3 Best National Costume and 2nd Runner Up.

This week, Sophie Patel has unveiled her latest collection rich in African prints, very colorful and feminine.  With the endless list of Miss Haiti, Sophie Patel will definitely have many more occasions to help our queens shine.