Four Miss Haiti share their Summer Secrets!

Summer is in full swing!   With warmer temperatures come different habits.  Four past and present Miss Haiti share with us their beauty routines and what they like to do during the summer.


Lisa Drouillard, Miss Haiti Universe 2015

My favorite thing to do in the summer is to workout. Of course it is nice to have a summer body but also the weather is on my side to get out and workout. 

Photo source: Instagram @itslisadee

My favorite beauty product to use is sunblock! I think it is super important to have and it not only protects you from harsh Rays but gives you a healthy beautiful glow! 

I do a face mask once a week depending on how my face feels. I try not to wear makeup during the summer unless I have an event to attend. My only kind of makeup I would wear mascara and fill in my brows.  I also love using a body wash that has a citrus smell because for me it makes me feel like summer (laughts).

I have natural hair so I always keep an elastic band around my wrist to keep my hair up and off of my shoulders. New York can get just as hot as Haiti if not worse because we have no Palm trees for a little breeze here and there.

I have to keep my nails done at all times. Toes…glow in the dark white is my color of choice! 


Marie Darline Exumé, Miss Grand Haiti 2015

During my summer vacation, I like to do local site seeing.  I read, I watch TV series a lot, I go to the beach, I go in the country side to plant trees.  I feel more at peace during that period and that helps write down my plans for the future.

Photo:  Mc Alexander S. Ciceron

When it comes to my skin, I like to use what is natural as much as possible.  First I pay attention to what I eat.  I eat at least four fruits and vegetables every day.  Each brings something different that will help my skin stay healthy.

Three or four times a week for about 15 minutes, I stay under the sun in the morning so my skin can find vitamin D.

Taking care of my face is more difficult because I have oily skin and I often have acne.  In summer, when it’s hot, I have even more acne.  I always try to avoid chemicals.  I clean my face in the morning and in the evening and once a week, I use a clay mask. Sometimes I use carrot or I mix honey with sugar to exfoliate my face.

I drink at about half a gallon of water a day.  Because of hot temperature, your body tends to be dehydrated so it’s better when you hydrate your body and your skin.


Chrystel Dufour, Miss Haiti Heritage 2015

My favorite thing in the summer is to travel. I plan most of my trips in the summer and I believe it is one of the best seasons to travel. 

Photo source:  Instagram @itschrystel

My beauty routines include a moisturizing sunscreen for my face. I also carry oil-absorbing sheets with me wherever I go. I have oily skin but the weather usually makes it even oilier in the summer.  As far as my hair, I like braids for the summer. It's an easy do especially for really hot weather.


Nupsie Flore Exantus, Miss Haiti International 2016 (from Haiti International Pageants)

I try to be really active during the summer months. I do a lot of hiking and lake-side hangouts with my friends. I participate in a lot of outdoor activities such as Yoga or Zumba at the park and concerts. I’m excited to go camping this summer!  I’m a really big fan of nature but completely scared of bugs!

Photo:  Plantini Photo

After shower in the morning, I usually apply body lotion mixed with natural coconut oil. I try to keep my face as free as possible applying only coconut oil.

I try to do the cat eye every so often but fail every time! I use only eyeliner and really like keeping my face as bare as possible. My hair is usually in a protective style unless I am planning to attend an event or photoshoot.  

Once a month I use my homemade full body scrub just to exfoliate and refresh. I'm a true believer of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, honey and brown sugar!