Your Health Your Beauty

Becoming Miss Haiti and participate in an International pageant is once in a life time experience.  We, as a nation, take great pride in supporting the beautiful young ladies who represent us abroad.  Seeing how many different type and shape our Haitian women come in is simply amazing!

Mondiana J'hanne Pierre, Miss Haiti Universe 2013

Mondiana J'hanne Pierre, Miss Haiti Universe 2013

 Definitely having a beautiful face is appealing, but having a beautiful body is even more attractive.  If genetic plays a part, diet, lifestyle and mental health play an even bigger role. 

You are what you eat

Haitian food is very elaborate and takes a lot of time.  We cook from scratch.  We eat what the seasons offer.  Our organic way of living is what makes our food healthier.  With no preservative added to it, our body finds in our food the necessary nutrients to keep in shape.

Process food may seem tasty because of all the sugar, salt, grease and other chemicals additives they contain, but they will not give you the flat belly you need for the swimsuit competition you’ll be in.  They won’t prevent breakouts or dull hair. Nor will skipping breakfast or eat diner late at night.

When you’ll be “eating breakfast like a King, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”, be generous with vegetables, fruits, grains and roots.    It’s good to have “fritay” but don’t make it an everyday routine.

Drink plenty of water.  Avoid too much salt and sugar. Stay away from too much alcohol and definitely avoid smoking and related habits.  Your skin, your hair, your eyes will show your health status.  Brilliance and radiance are no doubt signs of good health and therefore will make you more attractive.

 You carry yourself the way you exercise

“Sit straight!”  Growing up, you probably heard that more than once.  Great advice!   The way you carry yourself is first and foremost your passport.   You will display confidence and inspire respect if you know how to sit, walk, and stand not only as beauty queen, but most of all, in your everyday life.

Many of us hate to go to the gym.  But unfortunately, to participate in a beauty pageant you will need body strength and endurance, two things that only strong muscles and bones can give.   It takes weeks of efforts and commitments to have the abs of your dream and be ready for sport competitions like race, long jumps, tug of war, etc.

 You look just like your thoughts

Body language is powerful.  If you are a negative person, way before your words, your facial expressions will show it.  If you think you don’t worth it, your way of carrying yourself will give the message for you. So, starting right this minute, think positive.

Beside diet and exercise, getting enough sleep can lower your stress.  Focus on the good things you have in your life and be grateful.

Get closer to people that help you go forward and stay away from those who are negative or find their strength in bullying others.

Have realistic goals in your life and pursue them.  Accept your mistakes.  Don’t be afraid to start over and do better.  And never forget that whatever doesn’t kill you make you stronger.