Miss Universe Haiti 2015 in a natural journey

Photo: Mark Veli

Photo: Mark Veli

After a full year as Miss Universe Haiti 2015, the beautiful Lisa Drouillard is still wowing us and this time with her new hairstyle.  Inspiring those who‘ve been reaching to go natural for a while now.

Photo source: X Pression Hair Weave

Photo source: X Pression Hair Weave

We’ve seen you in almost all type of hairdos and hair states!  How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for 6 months now and I am loving it! It is a lot of work for me at this point because not all styles can be achieved due to the length. It is long enough for a high bun but not long enough for a low bun.

What have motivated you to go natural?

My scalp is very tender, so putting in those chemicals burned me every time. Having enough of those uncomfortable moments I decided to go on my natural journey. It was great getting up and just needing to come it out but I’d rather wake up an extra 30 minutes earlier to unravel my twists than having a scab.

Did you have to big chop or transition?

Lisa Drouillard

I have been transitioning for 3 years or what my cousin would call it “fake transitioning”. I stopped texturizing my hair 3 years ago but due to beauty contests and modeling purposes, I would flat iron my natural new growth to blend in with my clip-ins. Therefore, I’ve been completely natural since March 2016, 2 days before my birthday. I big chopped at a salon Haiti because I was not around the industry that pressured me to have straight hair. Being home I felt more at ease cutting it off and boldly rock my new look.

What are the good and the bad sides of being natural?

There are so many for both categories. For me, the good sides are that you can create whatever style you want even if that means going bone straight for a few hours or for a special event. The most beautiful part about being natural is because you will experience the awkward lengths as your hair grows, you learn to start loving your evolution and being more confident in yourself. The bad sides: maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! Keeping your hair moisturized, keeping it away from clothes that snag on your ends, sleeping with a satin scarf, and my favorite wash days van be a pain. But when you look at how far you’ve come, it is very rewarding. 

A mistake natural’s make (I’ve made it myself) is comparing her hair to another naturals hair. This will happen because of course we are looking for inspiration. If she can do it, why can’t I. But we have to stop expecting it to look like the next person’s hair. We say “I want my hair to look like that” yes but when you big chop, you are on your own with hair that has a mind of its own!

A few days ago, in your Instagram you asked:  “All in favor of natural hair emoji?”  Are you sending a message or starting a movement in favor of natural hair?

I hope that is what I started. At first I was joking but then people started to text me and inbox me about actually creating it so, we shall see. I have no idea where to start but the internet is a great resource. Either way whether from me or another company it would be pretty awesome to have a natural haired emoji woman.

Photo source:  Instagram @itslisadee

Photo source:  Instagram @itslisadee

Can you share with us one big thing going natural have taught you about yourself?

It has taught me a very quick lesson on confidence and accepting yourself. It is not every day you will get it right. Natural hair at the very beginning of the journey is very unpredictable. The style may not turn out how you expected it to look but what matters is styling it differently, then going on with your day not letting your hair make you feel any less beautiful. It takes a very confident person to be un-bothered. People gravitate to a person that is self-sufficient…not in a conceded way but more in a way where the person is happy with who they are completely.