Raquel Pelissier 1st Runner-Up Miss Universe 2016

What a night!  After 42 years, Haiti finally got its spot at Miss Universe!  And not any spot: on January 30 in Manila (Philippines), Raquel Pelissier, Miss Universe Haiti 2016, was placed 1st Runner-Up! 

With over 34 million tweets that night and also votes on VODI app, MissU app and Miss Universe web page fans from around the world put Miss Haiti among the top 13, then top  9, then top 6!  As we were entering the top 3, the excitement was at its peak!  The crowd was chanting “Haiti”.  There was no doubt; the 25 year old young woman did conquer hearts.  Her beauty, but most of all her personality attracted so many around the world.  

When we know that Pelissier is no veteran in pageantry and that is she actually at her second international pageant, two things come to our mind:  there is nothing like education and extensive trainings.  In this regard, Miss Haiti organization deserved to be praised for their determination to change the game this year.  Despite the abandon of many sponsors as a result of the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, the organization did its best to find help in Dominican Republic, in Colombia and in the US to coach Pelissier in other to have her ready to face 85 other young women who are as beautiful and as educated as her.

Pictures source:  Instagram @raquelpelissier

From the tender age of three  where after a 21 days coma she was doomed by her doctor to never walk and learn at school to now  the stage of one of the biggest pageants in the world,  Raquel Pelissier is example of fierce desire to live.  An inspiration for children in general specially the ones facing all sorts of difficulties in their life.    She is also a living example for anybody who’s raising children: It is your duty, parents, to uplift and empower your kids despite any physical or mental challenges they are facing.  It is your responsibility to help your child fully understand that there should be no limit to any valuable things they want to achieve in life.  Teachers also, should realize that there is no kid too sick, too handicap or who seems not so interested in learning that you could not inspire, lead and encourage to be the best they can be.  

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Let’s us all cherish that night in Manilla and from now on, may the best of our girls come forward to represent us!

​Miss International

​Miss International

Miss International was first held in 1960 in Long Beach, California (Not to be confused with “Miss, Mrs and Miss Teen International Pageant”).  Since early 1970’s the competition is held annually in Japan.  Miss International contestants are considered as “Ambassadors of Peace and Beauty”.  With beauty, Intelligence and friendship, they are expected to promote world peace, goodwill and understanding.