Miss Universe

Miss Universe was founded in 1952 in California.  With Miss USA, this pageant is part of the Miss Universe Organization. In 2015 the organization was brought by WME/IMG.  The logo of Miss Universe represents the beauty and responsibility of women around the world.

Top 5 Miss Universe 1952

Top 5 Miss Universe 1952

With the moto “Confidently Beautiful”, Miss Universe has changed its competition format multiple times during the years.  Nowadays, each participant competes first in a preliminary interview with the judges.  Than later, during a show call “Presentation Show”, all the candidates are judged in swimsuits and evening gown.  The day of the final, 15 semifinalists will go forward.  In 2015, during the live telecast, fans around the world were able to act as judges.  In addition, a final question from a random fan through Miss Universe Facebook page was asked to one contestant in the interview portion.

Even if in December 1959 Claudinette Fouchard was the first elected Miss Haiti Universe, unfortunately she did not compete.  The real participation of Haiti started in 1962 with Evelyn Miot. This young woman opened a new era for women of color around the world in Miss Universe Pageant.  By being ranked top 15 finalist, she became the first black woman to be placed in that pageant’s history.

In 1975, Gerthie David went further than Evelyn Miot.  In San Salvador, she was placed 1RU and became the first black woman to be so close to be elected Miss Universe.