Miss World

Miss World is the oldest of them but also the oldest surviving major pageant.  Conceptualized by Erick Morley, Miss World started in England in 1951 as “The Festival Bikini Contest.”  Back then, the winner was crowned while wearing a bikini.

Kerstin Håkansson, Miss World 1951

Kerstin Håkansson, Miss World 1951

It was in 1980 that Miss World adopted the slogan “Beauty with a Purpose”.  With the elimination of the Bikini competition in 2015, the pageant has evolved tremendously, stepping further and further away from just being a beauty pageant.  It is now a platform for the contestants from around the world to showcase their talent and intelligence for a greater good. Last year, beside talent, top model, sports and fitness, all the contestants participated in a competition called “Multimedia Challenge” where they have been judged on their deep understanding of all forms of media, their knowledge of what interests people and their ability to interact with a global fan base and gather support for their cause. This year, Julia Morley, wife of late Eric Morley and CEO of Miss World Organization, will receive an award for the humanitarian work accomplished by the organization in many places in the world.

Since 2013, Miss World has created an application that can be downloaded on smart phones.  This application makes it possible for fans around the world to follow the competition and vote for their favorite contestants by picking their top 3 via the Voting Panel on the App.  The participant with the most votes the final night wins the “People’s Choice Award”.

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So far, Haiti has participated in Miss World only four times.  The first time was in 1975 where Joelle Apollon was placed 5RU.

Thirty eight years will go by before we see a comeback.  In 2013,  Ketsia Lioudy Iciena was elected to represent us in Jakarta (Indonesia).  The following year, Carolyn Desert participated in England as Miss World Haiti 2014.  Even if she wasn’t placed in the final, she was ranked Top 29 Miss Sport, Top 20 Miss Top Model and Top 10 People’s Choice Award.  On December 2015, Seydina Allen, went to China where she competed as Miss World Haiti 2015.