Miss Earth

Miss Earth is the youngest pageant of the Big 4.  Created in 2001, this competition is organized by the Miss Earth Foundation to promote awareness and knowledge on current environmental issues. Miss Earth purpose is to use beauty pageant industry as an effective tool to actively promote the preservation of the environment.

Miss Earth 2001, Catharina Svensson

Miss Earth 2001, Catharina Svensson

On November 2008, “Miss Earth Eco-Fashion Design” competition was launched to encourage professional and non-professional fashion designers to create fashion that are eco-friendly.  The contestants become models for the outfits made from recyclable and organic materials.

Miss Earth logo, Woman of the Earth, depicts a woman’s grace and form holding a “globe” (the earth). From the globe 4 rays emanating which form the crown and symbolize the 4 elements of the earth (water, fire, air, earth).  That is why the final night the three runner-ups to Miss Earth are called Miss Water, Miss Fire and Miss Air.

The winner becomes the spokesperson for the Miss Earth Foundation and other environmental institutions like Greenpeace, World Wildlife Foundation and United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

So far, Haiti has elected only five Miss Earth Haiti but has competed only four times.

Miss Earth is one of the Big Four international pageants. "Woman of the Earth" is their theme song.