10 Questions for Miss Legacy Haiti 2016

Miss Legacy International is a pageant created in 2015.  It embodies the positive attributes of pageantry and strives to use its platform for the development and change for today’s youth through the joint efforts of women worldwide.

Photo: Georges J Charles

Photo: Georges J Charles

For the 2016 edition, Jessica Saint Georges will represent us in Jamaica.  So let’s meet her!

Jessica Saint Georges, tell us a little bit about you?

I am currently 22 years old.  I am a Licensed Practical Nurse and am currently back in school furthering my education to become a Registered Nurse. I was born in Boston, MA but raised and currently reside in Lancaster, PA.

 You often talk about your passion for dance. What type of dance do you perform? Where that passion comes from?

I mostly dance Hip-Hop but I love mixing it up and dancing to dancehall, reggaeton, etc. I love learning different cultural dances. Music in general keeps me sane and happy. When I dance, I feel free. I am able to communicate and show my personality through dance. It will always be a passion of mines.

On January 27th, you will represent Haiti in Jamaica as Miss Haiti Legacy. Can you explain to us what type of pageant is Miss Legacy?

Miss Legacy International is a non-profit organization. It promotes pageantry by using its forum to serve the social consciousness of society and humanity. Multiple countries such as Haiti, Jamaica, Japan, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, etc will be competing to become Miss Legacy International 2016.

Is this your first pageant?

This is actually my 3rd pageant. I competed for Miss Haiti International 2014 in Chicago and was placed 3rd. I also competed again in 2015 in NY and placed 2nd. Both I held the local title as Miss Léogâne International 2014 and 2015.

Why the title of Miss Légoâne? Have you been there?

That’s the area in Haiti I chose to represent when I competed for Miss Haiti International. It’s were my mother and family are from. I visited Haiti for the first time when I was 6 years old. When I came back to the US to go to school, I actually didn’t want to speak English anymore! The teachers would speak to me and I would respond to them in Creole. I ended up spending a year in Haiti going to school over there. I went to The Morning Star Christian Academy when I was 7 years old. I do visit Haiti every year. Sometimes, even 2-3 times a year. I will always stay connected to my roots.

You have a foundation. What is it about?

My foundation is called NOSA (NO Sexual Abuse). It was created to raise awareness on child sexual abuse. We as Haitians know the Haitian household can be very strict. There usually is no sexual talk allowed. We always hear the infamous line instead “Tifi ak ti gason se gasoline ak alimèt”. Children who are sexually abused often times are afraid to tell their parents because they fear that their parents will not believe them. Aside from raising awareness on child sexual abuse, my foundation also does special events such as, ‘Back to School Haiti‘ which was done last August giving out backpacks and school supplies in Haiti. We also do ‘Christmas in Haiti‘, where we hand out Christmas gifts to boys and girls as well as prepare a Christmas meal for them and their families.

Why did you choose to stand for children sexually abused?

Because I was a victim of this. I want to be able to help as many other children as I can. Statistics show that 7 out of 10 girls in Haiti will be sexually abused before the age of 16. This is what I am fighting for. These children need a voice of their own.

How does your foundation help these children to get back on their feet and become strong adults?

My foundation teaches these children that you are not what has happened in your past. You can become anything you want in life. This is why I choose to compete in pageants. My children in my foundation look up to me and I want them to know that I took something bad from my past and turned it into a positive to where I now get to help hundreds of other kids.

If you are elected “Miss Legacy International 2016”, what will you do with that title?

I have many goals I would like to achieve globally as far as giving back and raising awareness on child sexual abuse. These goals are things I would like to accomplish over the next few years. Winning the title of Miss Legacy International 2016 would be great, but that should not be a reason for me to want to serve others. Win or lose, I will continue to follow my purpose and serve those who are in need.

Any message for the kids of your foundation?

To the kids in my foundation, I will tell them to always remain persistent, confident, and hungry for success. You may not see a way out at the moment, but with persistence and confidence in yourself, you will go far. You will reach places you never imagined. Don’t just settle for the “Little boy/Little girl from Haiti”. Become that multi business owner from Haiti. Become that top chef from Haiti. You will make it.