An Interview with Cassandre Joseph, Miss International Haiti 2016

First thing you will notice about Miss International Haiti 2016, is that she has a lot of charisma.  Living everything behind her in the states, she came back home and conquered.  Let’s find out her motivations and her plans.

Photo: Tom Schmuki

Cassandre Joseph, how would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as a humble person, that love to learn, respectful, strong, fierce, motivated. (Tout m'amuse mais rien ne m'attache).

You have experiences in pageants, especially in the States.  Could you tell us what has motivate you to start competing in pageants?

Yes I have experience competing. Pageantry is a world that helps you to stand out; it gives you a platform, a cause to fight for. My motivation to compete is the simple fact that I get to be the voice of the ones that can’t speak for themselves

What are the bad sides of beauty pageants that you have to overcome each time that you compete?

For the past two years I got into two different car accidents, that left me with a couple of herniate Discs. So to me it's really hard and painful to keep my posture. Then I remember why I’m on the stage competing.  So I have to fix myself, hold my shoulder back and head up to achieve my goal.

You move to the States when you were a teenager.  What memory of your hometown have you always treasure?

Yes I moved to the states as a teen, 14 years old. It’s a lot of memory that I always have from Haiti.  But one in particular is summer in Haiti.  I love the country side, I had the pleasure to visit different part of Haiti during summer time ( Camperin, Jacmel, my birth place Roche à bateau in les Cayes etc.) the beach , the food. Vive les vacances!

Can you tell us one thing about Haitian women that make them stand out from other women in the world?

I love this question because it personally has to do with me. I'm not going to say that Haitian women are beautiful because it’s obvious.  But the melanin in our skin… We are strong, not scared of anything; most important we are extremely good at multitasking. 

What do you think will be your stronger assets in Miss International?

My strongest asset for Miss International will be my background. The fact that I will carry Haiti inside of me in Japan.  They won’t have just a contestant standing on that stage, but it will be the whole country.

A message for the Haitian girls in the diaspora who have what it takes to compete for Haiti in international beauty pageants?

As Maya Angelou said “reaching for the stars is ambitious but reaching for Hearts is Wise".  It’s okay to have ambition but be wise enough to remember where you came from, your past; your history will be your biggest asset to face anything in life. Don't be afraid to take on new challenges, be humble and remember Haiti is not just a land but it's You, Haiti is Me, Haiti is all of us.