Miss Haiti Universe 2016 national costume contest is on!

Miss Universe Haiti team, via Lisa Drouillard has sent an invitation to all Haitian designers and artists who wish to see their work on Miss Universe beauty pageant.

This year, Miss Haiti is going as the national bird of Haiti: “Draw a sketch of a woman (Miss Haiti Universe) as the Hispaniolan Trogon”.  The contest starts on November 14 and will end on the 17th. All artists are urged to use their own creativity and bring the best bird to Miss Universe.

I want the fans to be involved in my journey, said Lisa Drouillard. I am honored to be the New Miss Haiti Universe. I am excited to share with the world what our island is all about and to hopefully open their eyes and realize that Haiti has everything it takes.

Let’s not forget that in 2014, Lisa Drouillard had a say in the conception of her “Toussaint Louverture” costume which made Top 20 Best National Costume in Miss Grand International.

Date of the contest: November 14th to 17th (before midnight)

Where to send the sketches: misshaitiuniverse2015@gmail.com


The Hispaniolan Trogon is Haiti’s national bird. This bird that can be seen only on the island of Hispaniola is becoming very rare in Haiti.  To learn more about the Hispaniolan Trogon, Click here.