Viergeline Jean in The Spotlight

Jocelyn Firmin is a Haitian pageant director who devoted herself to the girls she takes under her wings. After Miss Hadriana International and Face of Beauty International, she now proudly puts in the international spotlights a beautiful Haitian Top Model, Viergeline Jean.

Photo: Donn Tompson

Photo: Donn Tompson

“Charity Queen of One Power International is a pageant that celebrates women around the world for their charitable accomplishment in their community. It’s a brand new international competition in Asia where 78 countries are competing for the crown from November 16 until November 30.

Viergeline Jean is a board member of Fondation des Jeunes Haitiennes Optimistes which is a non-profit organization that I launched to help young Haitian women develop their leadership skills and reinforce their self-esteem. Miss Hadriana International is an entity of the foundation and Viergeline has been elected president twice due to her leadership skills and her commitment towards making the world a better place. So when the opportunity arose to send a contestant to Charity Queen of One Power in Taiwan, she was my best option.

Viergeline has also been preparing herself for bigger opportunities as such, for years. Very often, we hear a lot of people say, she is so beautiful, why hasn’t she been sent to international competitions? I always smile because I know the kind of work that I am doing with her behind the scenes. She is indubitably an extremely gorgeous and talented young woman but it takes more than that to take her to the top. I always tell her that your talent can get you to the top but your character will keep you at the top. So I don’t want her modeling career to be short lived as she is a force of nature.

 So far, she is doing extremely well in the competition and the feedback is very positive. With the very limited resources that we have, we manage to rise above and make a difference. Although we are working for a whole country but not everyone understands our mission. Our queens are our postcards, how they carry themselves, how they present themselves is how Haitians will be perceived around the world.

I only hope in the future that the private sector, the government, the designers and everyone see how crucial it is to collaborate when it comes to selecting a representative for international competitions.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank “Fans of Miss Haiti” for their unconditional and continued support to each and every single Miss ;  “Vote Miss Haiti”;  Ticket Magazine; FJHO;  Maelle Figaro David who takes great pride in dressing our queens and last but not least, the public for their tremendous support. The road to success is long and thorny but with the right mindset and the right team, we are certain to make it!”

The grand finale of Charity Queen of One Power International 2015 is scheduled for November 29th, 2015 in Taiwan.