Miss Charity Queen Haiti 2015 Makes Us Proud !

The Finale of Miss Charity Queen of One Power International 2015 took place in Taiwan on November 28th. The Winner is Miss Bolivia.

National Costume by Guinen Creations by Sophie

National Costume by Guinen Creations by Sophie

But our contestant, Viergeline Jean will not come back home empty-handed. Top 3 Best Body, Top 3 Best National Costume, she was placed 2nd Runner-Up.

From lights, to music choices and choreographies well executed, if you were watching the finale live, you will agree with us that the show was fantastic!  As the ceremony was unfolding, it became clear that among more than 70 candidates, Miss Haiti has win hearts.

Shortly after the finale, Haiti’s national director, Jocelyne Firmin, talk to us about Viergeline’s journey in this pageant:

I have been blown away by the amount of professionalism put into the competition as a whole. The competition itself was intense because most of the contestants have been to previous international competitions but Viergeline Jean. It was her first time on the international scene.

 From the very beginning, she set herself apart by not only her physical traits but most importantly by her attitude. She was always punctual, got along with everyone, displayed leadership skills, and last but not least carried herself with the utmost professionalism throughout the entire competition. I received zero complaint for her and from her. From then, I knew I had a winner.

Being a winner takes more than that since each competition has its own standard, remember this is Asia. It’s a different market with different beauty criteria but my team and I were determined to make history since we had a strong candidate with strong features. It was crucial that her look and body represented her roots: Africa. We wanted to break barriers so we make it our goal to pave the road for other black contestants around the world and this is exactly what happened. When I landed in Taiwan, I had a chance to familiarize with a few other contestants and I was proud to hear that they saw Haiti as a potential winner in an industry that is majorly dominated by Latinas and Whites. They clearly did not see any limitations for Haiti as there was none.

 Overall, Charity Queen of One Power International is not too far from any other grand slams. It’s a matter of time before it gets there and I am proud that Haiti has made a triumphal entrance.

 My hope is that, we as a nation come together behind our representatives as they are our landmark. Haiti will be remembered in those international competitions by how well our queens do thus it is crucial that we take pride and work together to showcase our best selves to the world.