Miss Universe is changing its format

If you’ve been watching Miss Universe for the past years, you will definitely see that the competition focus a lot on physical beauty.

Well, you not the only one thinking this way and that must be the reason why Miss Universe Organization has decided to change his format and step away from that superficial image.


Under WME/IMG ownership since 2015, Miss Universe Organization wants to redefine the profile of Miss USA and Miss Universe winners.

“Celebrating women 60 years ago was a very different idea of how to do that than now. What we saw in the opportunity here was, first of, to kind of join the conversation that’s happening in 2016. That’s men and women talking about celebrating women and women’s empowerment and getting women to work together to raise all levels and awareness on women’s issues and other issues around the world,” said Michael Antinoro one of the WME/IMG executives.

To get closer to this goal, Miss Universe Organization has launched this year its first app, the Miss U app.  This app which will help vote and follow the journey of the contestants, was widely experimented during the Miss USA 2016 competition last month.

"There are many ways to define beauty," Antinoro said, "and it’s about confidence and about taking yourself out of your comfort zone."

Source:  Business Insider