Haiti International Pageants 2017: Meet The Winners

The finale of Haiti International Pageants took place last Sunday, march 26th at The Lantana, a beautiful venue in Randolph (Massachussets, USA).

This year, Hermanie Pierre, director of the pageant, did it big.  From all-inclusive trip to Dubai to the presence of honorees like Eden Marley (Bob Marley’s granddaughter), Naomie Grand-Pierre (first Haitian female swimmer at the Olympics) and Marjorie Alexandre Brunache (General Consulat of Haiti in Boston), it was a night to remember!

At the end of the four hours competitions Kenicha  Dorvil Narcisse was crowned “Mrs Haiti International 2017”,  Esther Landé “Miss Haiti International 2017” and Andris “Miss Teen Haiti International 2017”.



Photo courtesy:  Haiti International Pageants

Photo courtesy:  Haiti International Pageants

Kenicha Dorvil Narcisse was born in Petion-Ville, Haiti but raised in Delmas 40B.  She is a 22 years old who got married last year.  She moved to the US at the age of 7, leaving behind her friends, her mother and her grandmother. She attended Bristol Community College majoring in Human Services focusing in the Social Worker field.

“I am a wife, a student at Hillsborough Community College to continue my education in the Human Services field. I am a loving and supportive person and the founder of WECAN (Ways to Execute Child Abuse and Neglect) focusing on educating my community the differences between "Abuse" and "Discipline".  My favorite quote is "It is easier to build strong children then to repair broken man" by Frederick Douglass. I am crazy for children's but I do not have any yet myself.  I am a God lover and on my free time I love to play cards with my husband.”



Esther Landé, Miss Haiti International 2017 was born in Turgeau and raised in Carrefour.   She is a big dreamer.

“I moved to Chicago at the age of 15 and I am currently living in Florida where I attend Florida Atlantic University pursuing a BS in Neuroscience with goal of becoming a Medical doctor. During my reign ,  I am working to incorporate volunteering in Haiti school system through my platform “Youth Activism: Any Cause, Anytime, Anywhere”. I want every single young people in Haiti to know that they each can contribute to the progress of our beloved country by giving back to their communities. I choose to advocate for volunteerism because 10 years ago my mom was shot in Haiti and Cuban doctors volunteering in Haiti through Doctors Without Borders saved her life. Those doctors left their countries to volunteer in underprivileged country to saves lives by providing free healthcare. Since then I decided to dedicate my life to serve my community and educate young people about volunteering.”

Landé is an ambassador for Dosomething.org and  an advocate for Haitian Helping Others Organization. “During my year, I am working to create an app for young people in Haiti to get more information  about volunteering opportunities happening in their communities. I hope to inspire young people to give by to their communities.”



Photo courtesy:  Haiti International Pageants

Photo courtesy:  Haiti International Pageants

 Faith Andris, Miss Teen Haiti International 2017, was born in Boston Massachusetts, United States to former Consul of Haiti Adras Andris and Yolaine Charles, a manager at a senior home center.  She is an Honor Roll student at the prestigious Swampscott High School. In 2016, Andris won her school’s Blue Pride Award for her sense of leadership in launching the “You are beautiful” self-esteem awareness campaign by posting signs in girls’ bathrooms to encourage them and make them feel special.

Andris promotes Haitian culture in her school where she takes leadership for ensuring cultural festivals include Haitian cultural activities. Inspired by her grandfather Richer Andris who has been serving as a Senator in Haiti for many years, she makes it part of her mission to educate fellow American students about the rich history and culture of her parents’ beloved home-land, Haiti. 

Andris served during the Summer as a camp counselor to younger kids at the YMCA Germantown Neighborhood center; she volunteersto conduct a surveys and participated in voter registration drive outreach at the Everett Haitian Community Center.

Faith Andris’s platform of pediatric cancer is close to her heart and she is committed to create collaborative partnerships and work with various stakeholders during her reign as Miss Teen Haiti International and beyond to curb childhood cancer and to encourage development of adequate cancer clinics, research and resources in Haiti to address this growing problem. 

She enjoys writing, cheerleading, sport and theater. Faith Andris is known to be a jovial young lady, very spirited and caring.

All three ladies will compete mid August in Charleston (West Virginia, USA) for the title of "Mrs, Miss and Miss Teen International 2017."

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