Miss Haiti 2017: The Casting

Here we are! The casting for Miss Haiti 2017 will officially begin on May 20th at Radio/Télé Métropole starting 9 a.m.

This year, there won’t be other castings in the country.  Only one opportunity will be offered to the best girls.  To participate, you must:

1-      be born female

2-      be Haitian

3-      be between 18 and 26 years-old

4-      be single with no kids

5-      be at least 1m70 tall without heels

6-      have a valid Haitian passport

7-     not have pose for nude pictures

8-     have no tattoo

9-      have your high school diploma

10-    pay the inscriptions fees


If you are outside of Haiti

The casting   is also open for Haitian or Haitian descent young woman who are living outside of Haiti.  While the requirements are the same, you can apply online via email.  The deadline for the casting is APRIL 29TH, 2017.

In Haiti but also all around the world, there are so many Haitian women who have both beauty and brain.   We’re hoping that this year they will come out their closet!


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Updated: 04./19/2017